Thoughts on finally getting a hands on -

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Richard Murdey
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Thoughts on finally getting a hands on -

I was able to compare the Z6, Canon R, and the Sony A7iii today in the store.

TL;DR I like my D750 and K1, nothing I saw today was a gamechanger.

So I'm a big stickler for ergonomics, the grip and controls, how it balances in the hand.

Sony's first gen A7 was terrible, the A7ii was quite a bit better, and the A7iii is actually pretty good. It feels like a camera now, with a good grip and logical, tactile controls.

The Nikon Z looks and feels like a Nikonized A7. That's not bad thing per se, but there are some compromises in trying to fit the Nikon dSLR control layout into the smaller body. The buttons on the bottom right of the back in particular seem cramped and poorly placed.

The Canon R is the clear winner for feel, it's that little bit taller than the others and it puts the extra height to good use. It balances much more like a dSLR (its about the same size as the 9000D) and feels really nice in hand, everything just seems really well placed. I hate the stupid track bar though. Cameras should have physical buttons with real movement to provide haptic feedback. This was just a dumb idea period.

The kit 24-105/4 zoom lens on the Canon is comically huge. "lul wut" level. Sony and Nikon 24-70 are both much smaller and reasonable. The Nikon feels the best built. Exceptionally nice actually.

In terms of camera build quality, Nikon feels the best, Canon very close second, Sony some ways behind.

The Canon has the nicest viewfinder, seems larger than the others and the on-screen info is clear and uncluttered.

I am not sold on EVFs. The image blurs as soon as you pan the camera side to side. To my way of thinking the OVF of any FF dSLR is superior, but as EVFs go, these are certainly the nicest examples yet.

I am not sold on the format. The cameras are smaller, and for the Canon R especially feel really good, but with a lens on there the whole package feels less comfortable to wield than a dSLR. Partly its the long, and in Canon's case, wide diameter, lens, partly its the shorter body, partly it's the front-heavy balance.

Whatever, the point is I'm sitting on a D750 and a crateload of F-mount lenses and what I saw today (fortunately, I should add) did nothing to make me feel I was missing out.

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