A-mount is dead. Long live A-mount!

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Re: A-mount is dead. Long live A-mount!

"Technically there is no reason why Sony cannot do mirrorless with A mount ,the overarll camera bulk including lens is about the same . The decision is mostly commercial . One have to congratuate Sony for the efforts they made ."

Yes, you are absolutely correst. The reason is a great quantity of old Minolta made lenses that is still in use. Sony did not receve any money for this Minolta made lenses. So, they decided to change bayonet and sell "adapter". Now Sony is trying to get some money for lenses they've never made.

I do not like when someone wans to take my money out of my pocket especially for nothing!

I own A77II and couple of lenses. I've stopped investing in to Sony-A now. I'll go with Nikon if Sony really kills Minolta-A.

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