Bird in Flight AF Comparisons with Z7, D850 and D500

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Re: Bird in Flight AF Comparisons with Z7, D850 and D500

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A lot of people have asked me to make a video comparing the auto focus system of the Z7, D850 and D500. I took each camera out on 3 different mornings doing what I like to most, capturing some incredible birds in flight.

I have a group of Osprey that show up every morning and feed. This made for the perfect opportunity to go out and shoot with all three cameras and compare the results.

The Z7 did much better than I had anticipated when compared to the D850 and the D500. Enjoy the video.

I did have one question about the physical handling of the camera without any sort of battery grip, in light of the fact that you say you may have missed on the focus area in the last Z7 sequence.

I tried the Z7 and the 200-400 on a monopod, and wished there was a little more camera to grab when trying to swing that big lens around. Even with the D500 I normally attach the grip, and of course with a D4 its already there. Were you shooting hand held? Personally I can't wait for Nikon or someone else to build a grip to use on the camera with larger lenses, but wondering if you might comment on that part of the experience

thanks, Mike

Very informative videos. You have validated exactly what I thought the z7 capabilities for BIF shooting....It seems that the overall design or intent of the camera is for the camera to take over much of the AF decisions for the Photog with Wide Auto focus.

In a way you are correct. It is easier to keep a larger focus area on your target.

whereas the DSLR type makes the photog make more of the AF decision looks like the lesser experience Photog might benefit more with the Z7 and later on they can move up to the more advance DSLR AF....I do favor the D850, D500 and the D5 with its MultiCAM20K AF system... BTW can you give us a feel how dark the subject before the Z7 looses its AF Capabililty being it is rated at -2EV to20 EV while the d850 is rated at -4Ev? One other plus for the D850 and the D500 is deeper buffer specially the D500!

I didn't try any low light shooting. I really don't like the results on any of my cameras. If that is what you are asking.

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