This is a gear site - but where do you go online for the 'art' part?

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This is a gear site - but where do you go online for the 'art' part?

Every so often (weekly?) There's a post in which someone complains (or is just stirring the pot) that folks here just talk about gear. Well, duh, it's a gear-oriented site.

But I find myself wondering where you go online for the non-gear part of photography.

For me, it was growing up in a household where my dad was a serious amateur photographer and my mom was an artist.

But then there's all this stuff online. Composition-wide, I've gotten a lot from Adam Marelli's courses on Udemy.

On youtube, there's

  • Thomas Heaton;  great for, more than anything else, appreciating my surroundings when I've gotten up a 3 to catch a sunrise.
  • B&H Event Space videos, depending on the speaker(there's one or two by Adam Marelli)
  • Steve Perry

I'm primarily a landscape guy, I've been subscribed to Luminous Landscape, but I find it rather lacking since Michael Reichman passed away. I'm keeping my membership, but it'a more of a "in memory of" thing now. I now more appreciate Photography Life.

I'm sure I've missed some other ones I've found useful, but where do you go for this kind of thing?

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