Why do you shoot jpeg (or raw) with the A7iii?

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Re: Why do you shoot jpeg (or raw) with the A7iii?

gary payne wrote:

Hi A7iii shooters

I'm aware that raw shooting allows better post processing but it's apparent that some of Sony shooters have decided that either they:

1. don't want to deal with the raw file sizes or

2. think the jpegs can be processed well enough to satisfy or

3. think jpegs are good enough without processing

They often are. They can be tweaked a lot in camera to suit ones taste. But as with everything it takes knowledge, practice and good familarity with the gear to do it well.

And for those who shoot raw...do you shoot compressed?

Any comments appreciated. gp

Pros who need to deliver photos with a tight deadline have no choice. Shooting JPEGs and letting the camera handle whatever tweaking that has to be done is the only way meeting the deadline. A news photog who covers a soccer game or a Tour de France stage for live coverage on his newspapers website has no choice but to send home JPEGs via his smartphone or other transmission gear coupled to his camera. Also some photogs work under conditions where sitting down with a computer to develop RAW files is simply not an option even if they had the time.

Some shoot JPEG + RAW so they can also optimize the results later when they get home. Many don't because they still haven't the time because they are immediately sent to other assignments - and if they are not, they will be spending their time off with their families and not in front of the computer screen.

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