Why do you shoot jpeg (or raw) with the A7iii?

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Re: Why do you shoot jpeg (or raw) with the A7iii?

gary payne wrote:

Hi A7iii shooters

I'm aware that raw shooting allows better post processing but it's apparent that some of Sony shooters have decided that either they:

1. don't want to deal with the raw file sizes or

2. think the jpegs can be processed well enough to satisfy or

3. think jpegs are good enough without processing

And for those who shoot raw...do you shoot compressed?

Any comments appreciated. gp

Yes, people choose to shoot "JPEG only" for multitude of reasons, some of which you already mentioned. I imagine that in the age of social media, having a JPEG ready to be uploaded is another possible reason.

There also some that shoot JPEG+RAW... probably to get the benefit of both options at the same time. Also, having JPEG as a backup in case the card holding the RAWs goes bad, is a good reason.

Regarding compressed RAW -  the only reason i can think of to shoot compressed is the space saving (except maybe the camera buffer lasts longer with compressed RAW?... i guess that would have to be tested) - either to have space on the card to be able to shoot more images, or to save space when archiving the photos.

I personally am not a fan of compressed RAW. I always shoot uncompressed RAW. Nowadays the storage is cheap and it is getting cheaper with each day. When i shoot RAW, i do it because i want to preserve all the data that i can... shooting compressed would go against my intention. You can always remove some data but there is no way to restore data that has been lost. People also forget that the data is only one part of the equation, the RAW processing software is also being improved upon as the time goes on. I guess it is a good bet that you can get a better result from an image that you shot 10 years ago, processing it with today's algorithms compared to an algorithm from 10 years ago.

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