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Re: my Loxia 21 setting:

BBQue wrote:

f8 and just a touch before infinity.

… a very good point and I tend to do the above.

HOWEVER: On high res sensor like R3, even a stopped down 21mm lens will NEVER get everything into perfect focus from near to far. Rather than hyperfocal, decide what is most important for your image.

… another however:  Hyperfocal Distance formula (or chart) is based on principle of "circle of confusion" for grains of chemicals on a film.  Because of this everything within the range of hyperfocal chart distance appears in an acceptable level of focus.  Size of the film grain (or size of each pixel in a modern camera) will be a key factor for calculating the hyperfocal distance (in addition to f-stop, focal length of lens, etc).  The hyperfocal distance will not the same for fine grain slow speed film vs larger grain fast high speed films.  Similarly,  hyperfocal distance will not be the same for a 24 mega pixel camera vs a 42 mega pixel camera. Modern Digital cameras are highly capable of details, so even a slight out of focus is recorded.  While the formula/chart is principle is valid for modern digital cameras, the hyperfocal distance will be different and much narrower to be of any practical value !

An out of focus foreground is usually disturbing. That's where focus-stacking comes in for the hypercritical. If you print 8x10 or watch your images on a small tablet, then none of this matters.

Agree to above.  Correct method for expanding the focus range is to do focus-stacking.  Even here it is recommended not to make everything to be in focus (even though it is possible) for artistic and realistic viewing reasons.

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