Advice on new lens for wildlife photography

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Re: Advice on new lens for wildlife photography

Just my two cents, I am mostly a birder especially birds in flight but do shoot anything wildlife. I own both the Tamron 150-600, and 100-400 Canon 80D. I find the 100-400 the better fit for me and hardly use the 150-600.

The 100-400 copy that I have locks on fast and is sharp enough for extreme cropping if I cant get real close (I try to avoid that) but I cant resit shooting an eagle distance be dammed lol.

Now I hike and shoot, don't like to be bothered by a mono pod which I need if bird is perched and I am waiting for it to turn just right for my shot if using the 150-600. I am 54 and don't have as steady hands as I used to. With the 100-400 I can do it free hand easily.

With all that being said dont get me wrong the 150-600 is a good lens, but for my needs ease of use , carrying, and quality I love my 100-400.

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