Dear Fuji - Send Me a Brick Hood Now.

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Dear Fuji - Send Me a Brick Hood Now.

OK Fuji.  I have helped you with the Brick.  I went from bashing it for two years to loving it since you finally gave me IBIS.  Now the Brick is on my XH-1 far more than any of your other 14 lenses.  But I have a major problem.

I posted four times on 4 other threads that I lost the hood for the Brick just 3 days before a major trip and long shoot. I was looking for help.  I got none from you Fuji.  I even bumped a 3-year-old thread where some other dude was wondering how to get an impossible-to-get Brick hood.

I tried every merchant I know.  I searched the Dark Net.  I even offered a  Japanese guy 50 Euro cash on the street a week ago in Rome for his Brick hood.  I literally stopped him on the street and begged him for his hood.  I raised the price to 75 Euro.  he said, no way dude … I'm on the road and I need it.  I said, but I need it more than you! 100 Euro!  I'm not sure he understood me.

Fuji, did you remove all Brick hoods from the market as retaliation for my famous "Why do all Fuji Lens Hood Suck" thread two years ago?

How can even B&H not have a Brick Hood?  B&H has sold about 9,000 Bricks, mostly because of me.  B&H -- Consult with Fuji and get me a Brick Hood now.  You know my address.  Or you should -- I have spent over 4 Bazillion dollars there in the past decade.

Please please please someone tell me how to get a Brick hood.  Some helpful observer a week ago when I bumped that old thread sent me a link to Ebay where some Chinese hot-shop is selling brick hoods for 40 bucks a pop.  I immediately tried to order one but then they said shipping from China takes 3 months!  That whole offer sounded fishy to me, so I bailed on that link.

Anyway, how can shipping from China take 3 months?  Everything sold in America is made in China and shipped here in giant container ships.  What the Hell is going on here?  I need that Brick hood now.

I damaged my Brick because I had no hood.  I like to shoot the Brick.  I want a hood.

Because of my seniority on this Board, I am taking the liberty of starting a thread on this requirement.  I probably shouldn't and it is going to irritate my good friend in NYC.  He is going to call me out on it.  But dammit -- I need a Brick hood.  Please, doesn't someone understand?  This is a camera equipment Board and I need help.

I help you guys every day.  Now I need a little help.  Time for payback.  I need a massive Brick hood search...

I need a Brick hood and I need it now.

Side Note:  BTW -- I got back late last night and am already pixel-peeping my raws for worms from the 7 weeks of 13-inch laptop LR editing and posting to Flickr.  I can see much better on my big 4K pro studio photo-editing monitor.  If there are worms I will find them.  If I find worms, I will report as such.  I will come clean.  The 1000 images I posted from the trip were edited in LR on the road. I'm about to post a bunch more because that last week my WiFi was not good.  God forgive me -- I snuck a shot in the Sistine Chapel 3 days ago.  But hey, everywhere I looked there were dudes snapping their cell phones and guards were shouting at them - No Photo!  No Photo!  So I accidently raised the XH-1 to shoulder high, stood behind Teresa, and accidently fired the IBIS-enabled XH-1 with the Mighty 16 at F1.4, ISO 200.  It was beautiful.  Looked like I was in there alone and on a tripod.  Illicit Sistine Chapel shot!  Didn't even get caught.  No one yelled at me.  The Ghost of Michelangelo said it was OK because I did it with hand-held IBIS at base ISO and he was tired of all those clueless tourists sneaking shots with their damn cell phones in his Sistine Chapel.  Haha!  Man I wanted more, but I didn't want to get yelled at.  This one dude from Poland fired about 20 shots waving his phone around and they practically tackled him after yelling at him for 30 seconds. He just acted like he couldn't hear them.  It was amazing.)

Greg Johnson, San Antonio, Texas

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