GRII/III vs. Sony RX100 VI Thoughts?

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Re: GRII/III vs. Sony RX100 VI Thoughts?

I would certainly prefer the Sony for the amazing pop up viewfinder. I had the mark II and never really enjoyed using it like I did my GR, but as a tool it was awesome.

They can make awesome in-camera JPGs, especially if you like saturated colours. Whereas Ricoh’s colours are more like classic film simulations. I have used both at weddings as a guest and remember I didn’t need to touch the Sony JPGs. The Sony does feel like a brick in-pocket, I ended up putting it in a bum bag (fanny pack) and carrying at the wedding.

That said, if the GR had the same EVF and was dust proof, I would definitely choose it. As things stand, the next one is a very niche product, whereas the Sony has nearly all the bells and whistles you could fit into a pocket camera.

Now my GR is dead the most likely replacement is an RX100 III or after. Giving an iPhone 7 a chance first, which is doing well. The Sony sensor size is perfectly fine imo (the phone is not). Give it a chance and see if you can embrace the modern image “looks” and technology.

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