My first Ricoh GR died, then the next one, then my friend's GR died

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My first Ricoh GR died, then the next one, then my friend's GR died

Wonderful camera Ricoh GR, but with a short lifespan, at least for me and my friend. Unfortunately the build quality is not there.

We lost our cameras after 1.5 years of use, with no possibility of repair (the costs for repair were more than the cost of buying a new Ricoh, here in Canada).

The preview button of my first Ricoh GR stopped to work, than it started to power off with no reason.

I bought another Ricoh GR and I convinced a friend to buy one as well. After one year and a half both our Ricoh GR cameras died, a slowly, painful death. First, the lens shutter will not open or the lens will half retract - still working by turning off and on the camera, until the GR couldn't be used at all.

So my second GR died almost at the same time with my friend's GR who happened to be in China at the time. After one year and a half of use... We contacted Ricoh, and same answer: the cost of repair will be more than the cost of the camera! The entire lens system needs to be replaced.

This was not acceptable, so we switched brands - to the trusted and reliable Sony, in this case Sony RX-100 III. My friend like it, I did not - and I returned it.

Incredibly, I went back to my first love and I bought another Ricoh GR (II). I hope this one will not die, otherwise Ricoh is in trouble.

Yes, Ricoh GR is not a reliable camera and if you search you will find the camera has a lot of issues with the lenses and dust.

I still love the GR. I hope the GR III has a much better build.

My other cameras are Sigma DP1 and DP3 Merrill - built like a tank, made in Japan and with exceptional image quality. And they work. Seven years and going!

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