Olympus, a brave company

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Olympus, a brave company

The recent indication (confirmed rumor) of Olympus making EM1X as big as a D500 with grip is nothing sort of headscratching.

M43 was advertised by Olympus and Panasonic as a compact, yet high quality system.

So, at first sight, a huge camera like the EM1X seems totally out of the enveloppe.

But thinking twice, I think Olympus (if the rumor comes true) is making a brave bet that could be successful.

Why ?

The essential thing is that this camera is targeted to the professional sports and wildlife photographers, who use 1D or D5 type of cameras. Which means not for 95% of this forum people who complain (and I'm one of them) about size.

Among those professionals, there’s likely a segment that would like to have a lighter, yet poweful system, which can do the job as good as those monsters.

But is Olympus capaple of providing such a system ?

Speaking of lenses, Olympus has a set of superb weathersealed professional lineup, which are praised as outstanding by nearly all reviewers. So, yes, lenswise, Olympus fits the bill, easy.

What about the camera ? Presently, no mirrorless camera can concurrence 5D or 1D, because AF is not reliable enough. But if Olympus engineers have found a way to to develop an AF as good as those DSLR, it would fit the job.

About size, despite big for m4/3, the EM1X is actually much smaller than the D5 or 1D. And if you take lenses into account, the whole system fits Olympus advertisement in its own segment (Professional sports and wildlife) : it would be a compact yet high quality system.

Finally what about IQ? I think that sports and wildlife photographers have not the same IQ requirements than landscape or studio photographers. For some of them, the tradeoff between IQ and size could be in favor of the Olympus.

So, in the end, does Olympus brave move make sens?

On paper, yes (if their AF is up to the job). But all will depend on pro photographers reception.

It’s a risky, but a brave bet that Olympus made, and I whish them success.

It's great to have brave companies those days (and not only flow followers)!

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