Digital photo professional become extremely buggy?

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Re: Try this...

Blake Cook wrote:

Holscen wrote:

....uninstall dpp, search to make sure everything associated with it is gone, then update your os, reinstall dpp, update it with the correct version for your os.

Also make room on your hard drive and check Photoshop or other programs aren't open and hogging all your ram.

.....then buy a MacBook. A 5 year old MacBook like mine will work fine and you'll never have to turn nine things off and six things on, every time you add a driver or plugin.

I just did that, though admittedly a seven year old one from back when they had an SD card slot, a DVD drive and a reasonable number of USB ports. It fires up DxO Optics Pro in half the time taken by my six year old mid-range Windows 7 laptop and is nearly as fast on a batch run. It did fall over nearly every time I used it but that was ok, it was cheap and I only used it for photography. I also wanted to try out rnc color stretch and the required version of Da Vinci isn't available for Windows (but then I haven't managed to install it on my Powerbook either). Then I tried looking for a car on the internet and it fell over at every other webpage so it went back to be fixed. It came back, fell over that night and three times the next day, once when I opened the calculator app while DPP was still open It's back at the shop now, I'm not impressed.

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