The ML vs DSLR conundrum- (long post)

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Max Iso
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The ML vs DSLR conundrum- (long post)

I will preface this with a request to stay civil, i refuse blame for any fighting. Lets get started.

I have used both DSLRs and ML, many times, back and forth. Owned Pentax, Sony, Panasonic, Canon, Nikon, and Olympus. My most recent DSLR stint was with Nikon. After being convinced that the EM1 could tow the line with AF and operation speed, while avoiding the need for calibration, i jumped.

Sold my Nikons (kept 4 lenses though) and got an EM1 and 3 lenses. As with Panny, something just wasn't right. It's hard to label but i would call it unpredictability. It seems like DSLRs, any that i have owned, just did what i expected them to, consistently, while ML did so far less often.

In daylight ML i have used weren't as bad but still had a thread of what-the-heck-was-that. They seemed to have EVF studder, especially in low light, while (of course) a DSLR doesn't. The AF just doesn't always do what i expect it to do as well, which is my main issue.

ML have advantages too which is why im keeping my Olympus, but 4 times now i have bought ML and every time, same thing. DSLRs just felt more reliable in their operation, more predictable. PDAF on my old 70D for example, will AF on the closest object within the focusing squares. No fussing around, no accidentally locking to the BG. It just works.

Still really liking my EM1 for certain features so this time im just using both. I picked up a D700 for $460, and thats the main rub on ML. I know what some of you are thinking, your ML is fast and perfect. Maybe so. Maybe an EM1-II is far better, or a G9, or A7III, but it's also way more cash.

DSLRs have such long geration lines that you can get a still capable body for far less, same with lenses. FF for $460, with AF that can track sports? Focusing a ten YO DSLR with an F/3.5 lens is miles more consistent than my EM1 with an f/1.8 lens. I used them both today, same hyper toddler and dogs, same lighting.

Again, it's hard to put exactly into words but i keep coming back to unpredictability. Even in many ML reviews, a ML will unexpectidely lock to the BG, ignoring the subject. Not my DSLR. In a few hours today i got more keepers with my D700 than i have in ten times as many EM1 shots.

If you have similar experiences and can put it into more articular words, please do. Even if you have an opposite view, feel free. Im just sharing my POV from my POV and budget. A few below from my first day back with a DSLR in hand.

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