Z6 | Z7 - Differences

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Z6 | Z7 - Differences

The Z6 is obviously not out yet, but it appears to be making the pre-release rounds.  Though speculation, what have we heard about the differences between the two?
Some of this may be obvious, some may not be, and some may or may not be correct

In essence, the Z6 sounds identical to the Z7, with the exception of the sensor.  Here are what I think are reliable differences:

(Z6 | Z7)


  • MP: 
    24 | 46
  • AF points:   
    273 | 493
  • Base ISOs:
    100 & ___? | 64 & 400
  • Sensor filter:
    AA-Filter | No AA-Filter

Continuous Shooting

  • Max extended FPS (12-bit, AF-C):
    12 | 9
  • Full-feature Burst (14-bit, AE, AF-C, live view, mechanical shutter, etc.):
    5.5 | 5.5
  • Max raw buffer (@ max extended fps):
    ___?  | 23 Frames


  • 4K30:
    Full-sensor readout | Line skipping
  • 1080P 120:
    Full-frame | DX-crop

Are there any other differences I missed, or any known values above?

Also, any feature differences, weather sealing, usb charging, etc.?  For example, I've alternately heard the Z6 does not support USB charging, or that it does support USB charging but doesn't come with a cable.

Also, what else can we speculate?  Here are a few possibilities:

  • The Z6 has a base ISO of 100 & 400
  • The Z7 buffer suggests roughly 1.5GB of size, and roughly 2.5 seconds at 9fps.
    Will Nikon maintain...
      > the same buffer memory size? (=44 images & 3.5 seconds)
      > the same number of images? (=2 seconds & 800MB)
      > the same duration? (=30 images & 12GB of size)
      > something else?
  • The Z6 may have better video detail & less noise in low light
  • The full-feature burst may not be limited by sensor readout speeds?  Is this algorithmic?  Is the AF performance also algorithmic, and therefore unaffected by sensor readout speeds (except rolling shutter distortions)?
  • Will the Z6 sensor be faster & less prone to rolling shutter?
  • If the cameras are this similar, can we expect similar firmware roll-outs?

It sounds like some people here may even have a copy of the Z6 already.  Any answers to the above would be greatly appreciated, as would any reputable reference links.

Nikon Z6 Nikon Z7
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