Digital photo professional become extremely buggy?

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mikedodd44 wrote:

Am using most recent windows10 and up to date graphics drivers, have 16GB ram and decent processor. Do not frequently install different software. The only possibility that I can think of is that another program such as breezebrowser or the anti-virus program are trying to access the same files as DPP but those other programs are better at dealing with conflicts.

You could try disabling all the third party software from the Task Manager you think might be a player in the problem

But sounds as though over time you are having an issue with bad registry entries associated with your install of DPP. I would first suggest you go to the support site and uninstall DPP as outlined here:

After need to examine the Windows 10 registry (after first backing it up) and make sure all DPP lines have been removed.  A third party program may help with that.

Then do a reinstall.  If the problem persists after that...then a fresh/clean reinstall of Windows 10 may be required.  DPP really is a pretty stable program and rarely are there issues with it like you are having...unless the install/registry is corrupted.

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