Which focus mode for landscapes

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Re: Which focus mode for landscapes

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Why allow camera to 'decide' where to focus? Take control to assure the camera takes what you wish. Most camera 'focus facilities, focus button settings' etc are not too suitable for measured landscapes.

Totally manual. Consider DoF required, set aperture to suit, focus 1/3 way in.

For better DoF focus stack (at least) 3 shots.

ALWAYS on a tripod.

Hope some help.

Great thanks, so would you use 'wide' focus area, half press the shutter to fix the focus where you want (say a third of the way in) and then reposition?

no - use MF - there is a very good article here that explains why and how.

Please take the time to read and most of all understand it and switch off the AF for most of the things you do except EyeAF for people and AF for action photography - for all non moving sujets AF is the 2nd worst you can do directly following not focussing

Good article the 'The Double the Distance Method' sounds the simplest.

Looks like I'll be manually focusing from now on for landscapes.

Also the point of focus and DoF are part of the overall composition.  Sometimes you get enough DoF with a small aperture, sometimes you need stacking, sometimes you deliberately want to get the focus to fall away from the critical point.


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