Do you always keep IS on ?

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When to turn off IS

Lost99999 wrote:

got the 6dii and 24-105 L IS 2.

When you are shooting landscape, city, sports .. at 1/125 or faster .. do you keep IS switched on ?

Is IS on good or bad at those fastet shuttet speeds ?

Even at fast shutter speeds IS reduces blur due to camera shake. However, at fast shutter speeds, blur due to camera shake may not be noticeable without IS, so there is little visible benefit to having it on.

IS does use more power, so your batteries don't last quite as long. If you are worried that you don't have enough batteries to last the shoot, you may want to turn off IS.

Some older IS Lenses get confused if there is no camera movement, and end up increasing blur under those circumstances. If you have one of these old IS lenses, you should turn IS off when the camera is on a tripod, or is otherwise immobile.

I have a memory that on some IS lenses Canon recommends that you turn IS off before unmounting the lens. This makes sure the movable lens group is properly parked, This helps protect the lens while you are carrying it around. However, I am unable to confirm this at the moment. This may be a bad memory on my part.

On some IS Lenses, Canon recommends you wait a few seconds after the last exposure before removing the lens. This is because the IS mechanism may run for 2 seconds after the shot, and you should not remove the lens while IS is in operation.

Canon generally recommends that you turn off IS when using Bulb mode long exposures.


Personally, I tend to leave IS on for all handheld shots, unless I am specifically panning the camera to follow a moving subject, and the lens does not support panning during IS.

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