Digital photo professional become extremely buggy?

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Re: Digital photo professional become extremely buggy?

mikedodd44 wrote:

Have occasionally used DPP for a number of years but a lot more so over past year or two but it has become more or less unusable now as it crashes so often. Have tried redownloading and reinstalling but same issues. It certainly crashes every time I try to quit the program and frequently crashes when trying to open files or even when browsing a directory.

The problems started several months ago and have got steadily worse, until now it won't even browse a small directory of files without crashing.

Any suggestions of how to sort this out? Other software works fine, everything up to date.

i have had my laptop and desktop for 4-5 years now and never experienced any crash on either one! i have been using DPP since 2006 and never had any issue with it! you probably have crud leftover from your apps that you have deleted in the past. problem is that this issue cannot be resolved easily short of reinstalling OS fresh, i am not sure how convenient is that for you. hope you find a way to avoid the re-installation of OS on your pc from the ground up

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