XF100-400mmF4.5-5.6 R LM OIS WR is sharp on 400mm F5.6

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Re: XF100-400mmF4.5-5.6 R LM OIS WR is sharp on 400mm F5.6

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The shots with your gimbal, did you use the OIS and single point/zone?


Yes, OIS was used all the time. Up to now I have no feeling that OIS cannot be used on gimbal. I guess limited vibrations are still available. The heart rate etc.... In case with ball head I turn OIS off.

As far as I remember I used zone for kingfisher shot and for the rest single point only.



i was wondering the same as regular movements are still present especially for me even on a monopod. I guess I will definitely find out soon enough. I’m wondering if Zone can pick the part of the head you want in focus for static as well as moving subjects. Or if single point, say a 3 size up from smallest, about the same size as a small zone, would be as accurate in af-c

I have not been happy with zone. I use single point dialed to 9 with AF-C and focus mode 5.


ive wondered since I’ve heard zone can be inaccurate for hitting moving/panning subjects where you want it to but maybe is better at tracking for those subjects. I used the XT2 with single point a lot just with the smallest point to pinpoint focus but sometimes AF would be slower in some cases. With a bigger single point box, say a few sizes up from the smallest point (about the same size as the smallest zone box) is pretty quick to focus but not sure on the accuracy compared to zone on the XT3 and XH1. What do you mean single point dialed to 9? I also wonder about metering, as in do you find much difference between multi and center weighted?

I’ve used af c mode 2 and 3. How does 5 differ?

Yes the box I'm using in single point is the same size as zone.  It seems very accurate and for me better than zone.  AF-C Mode 5 is for erratic subjects.

For metering I'm using what looks like "Matrix" on a Nikon body.  I've never been a fan of center weighted.  The metering seems quite good, better than Nikon's and the dedicated exposure compensation dial is a delight.  Nikon wants you to have 50 fingers to operator there cameras.   I used manual exposure 90% of the time on the Nikon.  I have not needed it yet.  Some day I will see the sun and find out.   I suspect AF may be locking when I take a burst.

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