Do you always keep IS on ?

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Re: Do you always keep IS on ?

BigBen08 wrote:

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BigBen08 wrote:

At air shows I shoot propeller planes at slow shutter speeds around 1/180, 1/160, 1/125. Helicopters slower, 1/80. Having IS set to mode 2 is a benefit.

Then the jets will fly and I shoot at 1/1000 or faster. At those speeds I don't need IS, but I leave the lens set to mode 2. That way I won't be switching IS on and off during the show.

After 10 years of air shows I have not had any problems doing this.

just a question, BigBen08: do you use tripod/mono-pod during those air shows? if you do, what kind of tripod head do you use? thanks.

Always hand held. My lens is the Canon 300 f2.8 IS II, used sometimes with the 1.4xIII. The lens is about 5 lbs.

i think canon 100400 II would work a lot better for air show rather than a prime, IMO, because of its versatility of zooming at different FL! i do have the canon 300 f2.0 II, it is really easy to handhold but limited to only one FL. if it works for you, that is great!

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