XF100-400mmF4.5-5.6 R LM OIS WR is sharp on 400mm F5.6

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AF-C et al

ive wondered since I’ve heard zone can be inaccurate for hitting moving/panning subjects where you want it to but maybe is better at tracking for those subjects. I used the XT2 with single point a lot just with the smallest point to pinpoint focus but sometimes AF would be slower in some cases. With a bigger single point box, say a few sizes up from the smallest point (about the same size as the smallest zone box) is pretty quick to focus but not sure on the accuracy compared to zone on the XT3 and XH1. What do you mean single point dialed to 9? I also wonder about metering, as in do you find much difference between multi and center weighted?

I’ve used af c mode 2 and 3. How does 5 differ?

A topic dear to my heart since I do a lot of birding and jet in flight

  • On focusing point:
    • for birds in bushes, it's better to use single AF point to single out the bird, the next to smallest is most accurate and fast; the larger the focus point the less accurate but the smallest one can be hard to pinpoint focus as well
    • For BIF and planes in flight, I use wide area tracking with the largest box for the movement could be sudden and subject moves quite fast, a single AF point won't do it
    • But also be aware of the plane of focus if more than 1 subject is in play; lots of time a series of shots will allow you to see the change of focus from 1 subject to the next
  • For metering if your subject is huge then center weighted makes sense
    • On the other hand evaluative works best for almost all situations and you may not have time to switch metering when birding
    • Metering is the least of my worries since a quick levels in PS can fix it
    • Accurate focusing is what most people who birds should worry about
  • For AFC modes:
    • I use mode 2 for BIF and in cases that birds may fly through a tree or branch (same with planes flying through a pole)
    • Mode 5 for BIF under clear skies when her movement is random like swallows or eagles
    • Have not tried others
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