Wait FF mirrorless out.

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Re: Wait FF mirrorless out.

mferencz wrote:

I don't have an investment in any FF lenses. With Panasonic now getting in the mix with Sony, Canon and Nikon there are going to be a lot of options. I would think Nikon and Canon might be the safest options in terms of viability, but I like Panasonic and Sony seems to be making a fairly cost effective and good FF system.

With Panasonic hungry and very resourceful they want to make a splash and with the rumor linking them with Sigma and Leica, they could very well be the most formidable out of the four.

FF mirrorless is a big pie, but not big enough for these heavy hitters. I think it's safe to wait it out a bit before investing.

Just curious: why would anyone consider the purchase of obviously depreciating electronics equipment an “investment” and not simply an expense to minimize or amortize?  Personally, I think the best economic model is to bUy well-regarded equipment new and then resell while it is still the latest model. I’m amazed how much people are willing to pay for used cameras.

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