My images are capturing dark

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Re: My images are capturing dark

Gato Amarillo wrote:

In addition to what has been said, learn to use the camera histogram on the review screen. It is not a perfect tool - it probably reads from a JPEG instead of RAW - but it is close enough to be very useful.

You can find tutorials online. You might also search for "expose to the right" - sometimes called ETTR.

As an aside, your tripod and arm looks pretty flimsy for continuous lights in that sort of setup. I expect to get really sharp photos you need a much more sturdy rig -- or switch to flash.


His dark image is already "exposed to the right".

If the supplied "dark image" was any brighter he would blow out the highlights.

ETTR uses the largest exposure that doesn't blow out your highlights. Usually, but not always, this results in an in-camera preview that looks too bright. In this case ETTR would result in a dark image in order to protect the bright highlights (reflections of the lights in the chrome cookie cutters).

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