Fuji instead of Sony?

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Re: Fuji instead of Sony?

GrapeJam wrote:

Joe Tam wrote:

Canon's new lens mount and their unique lenses have the potential to really kick a## when a pro body comes out.

If the 50mm f1.2 R and the 28 - 70mm f2.0 are any indication, the R mount's lenses are gonna be stupidly huge and expensive they will only be afforded by an extreme minority.

Good w*nking material for Canon fanboys thought, even thought the extreme vast majority of them will never be able to afford them

And you're seriously underestimating the E mount here, Sony has a patent for a 28 70 f2.0 and the (now defunct) Meyer optik and Zhongyi have demonstrated that the E Mount are also capable of exotic ultra wide aperture lenses too.

And as much as Canon fanboys want you to believe, the average people (including professional photographers) do not buy into a system because of lenses, they buy into the system usually because they look at the body specs first and then affordability.

Canon RF 28-70 f2.0 weighted 1,430 g (3.15 lb) and costs $3000, no 'IS' on no-IBIS EOS R body? I see more gimmick than actual usability. A 24-70/2.8 zoom on IBIS body easily can compensate one-stop aperture in low light hand-held scenario, and 24mm is much wider than 28mm. Or for the same 28-70/75mm FL, Tamron FE 28-75/2.8 weighted 550 g (1.21 lb) that is 38% of RF 28-70 weight very significantly, is much easier to carry with and still gains 'IS' on IBIS bodies.  Sure f2.0 will have an advantage in low light sport but EOS-R body is not even close to a sport camera.  Don't understand what thinking in Canon's mind?

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