Fuji instead of Sony?

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Re: Fuji instead of Sony?

golfhov wrote:

And looking at the size and pricing of some of the new mounts lenses I don't see the "advantage" of the larger mount. Except maybe the extreme corners are going to be a little sharper on some lenses

Not to mention that the new RF lenses all have insane vignetting which is funny because theoretically wider mount should have less vignetting.

And as much as Canon fanboys want you to believe, the average people (including professional photographers) do not buy into a system because of lenses, they buy into the system usually because they look at the body specs first and then affordability.

I disagree. I think most people spending the money these systems cost are considering many factors. Lenses are one of them.in the case of the 28-70 2.0 that lens could be a game changer for event photographers.......if they have an unlimited budget and the R wasn't.....well.......so Canon as of late. Speaking of that. It really seems to me that Canon just rushed a prototype out because they are worried about the competition.

One of the main things that I shoot for a living is weddings and events and I've freelanced for many studios and people, having your lens go to at least 24mm is the bare minimum, and alot of times 24mm is not even wide enough especially in tight spaces.

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