Fuji instead of Sony?

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Re: Fuji instead of Sony?

GrapeJam wrote:

Joe Tam wrote:

Canon's new lens mount and their unique lenses have the potential to really kick a## when a pro body comes out.

If the 50mm f1.2 R and the 28 - 70mm f2.0 are any indication, the R mount's lenses are gonna be stupidly huge and expensive they will only be afforded by an extreme minority.

Good w*nking material for Canon fanboys thought, even thought the extreme vast majority of them will never be able to afford them

I kind of agree with you BUT I don't know what this means for the future.

And you're seriously underestimating the E mount here, Sony has a patent for a 28 70 f2.0 and the (now defunct) Meyer optik and Zhongyi have demonstrated that the E Mount are also capable of exotic ultra wide aperture lenses too.

And looking at the size and pricing of some of the new mounts lenses I don't see the "advantage" of the larger mount. Except maybe the extreme corners are going to be a little sharper on some lenses

And as much as Canon fanboys want you to believe, the average people (including professional photographers) do not buy into a system because of lenses, they buy into the system usually because they look at the body specs first and then affordability.

I disagree. I think most people spending the money these systems cost are considering many factors. Lenses are one of them.in the case of the 28-70 2.0 that lens could be a game changer for event photographers.......if they have an unlimited budget and the R wasn't.....well.......so Canon as of late. Speaking of that. It really seems to me that Canon just rushed a prototype out because they are worried about the competition.

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