The New Travel Trio & My Trip Damage Report

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The New Travel Trio & My Trip Damage Report

Any thoughts on the 8-16 since it will hit soon? There were threads on it at announcement but it has not been mentioned in quite a while that I can find.

I ore-ordered it. I plan on my new travel trio to be the 8-16, Brick and 50-140 with 1.4 TC.

When I started with Fuji I used the 10-24, 18-55 and 55-200 - the great small / light travel zoom trio that I still highly recommend because it is the real Fuji ergo with great IQ.

But for me, I want my Fuji ergo and the big zooms that are so awesome and I will not go back to FF.  I am staying with Fuji.  (But I'm getting that new MF too -- I just decided that this morning).

But I admit that the 8-16, Brick and 50-140, although world-class F2.8 zooms, are approaching what I carried for years with Canon L's.  I know, I know....  Go ahead and ding me.

But I don't care. I love the feel of the Brick and 50-140 on the XH-1, and I know it is big. Not as big as DSLRs with those types of lenses, but still bigger than most of us thought about when switching to or starting with Fuji.

What about that huge 8-16? You guys thinking about it? Or is it just way too much size and weight for Fuji? Any f you guys like me and don't care?

Oh, and by the way … when I travel I will still pick 3 or 4 primes to take along on the trip with the 8-16, 16-55 and 50-140.

I will pick from the Rok 12, Mighty 16, 23/35/50 F2s, 56, 80 or 90. I vow to not abandon my primes.

And when I'm inside a church, Basilica, Cathedral or castle in Europe, I will probably still slap on the Rok 12 because it is F2. That gains me a stop over even the new 8-16.

With Blue focus-peaking on low, manual focus indoors is very easy and fast. It just pops right out at you. No problem at all and I use to complain about it.

I'm telling you, with the 1.2 of the 56, 1.4 of the 16, or F2 of the Rok 12 and the IBIS of the XH-1, along with steadying the camera against my chest with the FLM CP10-A1 table tripod, I can shoot at almost a second and get really sharp shots in dark churches.

I posted a bunch of shots from one of the best art galleries in the world yesterday in Napoli - the Capodimonte. That museum palace was very dark. We were in there almost completely alone because the museum was damaged by the bad weather last week and a lot of it was closed. They normally don't let people shoot in there but I was able to do so (long story). I shot the Brick, Rok 12, 56 and 16 and managed to get the table tripod in which I used against my chest to gain maybe two or even three more stops of stability. I used the Brick zoom in order to back way off the painting so that it evened out the level. Get close and wide and the hanging art is always distorted.

Anyway, who is going to travel with the 8-16? That range of field of view is perfect for travel. Why leave it at home?

One more thing, and I apologize for rambling, but I have 3 days left on this 7-week Southern Italy shoot / trip. We are back in Rome sitting in an apartment in the rain.

Here is the casualty report from this trip:

1. Brought 8 lenses. Did not drop one on this trip. However, I dinged the Brick. I have a very small little nick on the front glass because I banged it into a wall. How? It is rare for me not to have a clear filter on the lens, but I had just removed a CP and had not replaced it with a clear. I had no lens hood on the brick this trip because I left it at my son's house the week before departure and didn't notice it till the day of departure. So the lens was swinging around my neck and hit a stone wall in a church. Damaged the brick.

2. I lost three large eye cups. I brought 3. Now I have no eye cup. One I dropped and a guy stepped on it. The other two I lost. I take the eye cup off when I lay the camera flat in my bag or when I lay the camera on the floor to shoot a ceiling in a church. Oh well.... I love the large eyecup.

3. I broke a CP. Long story.

4. I lost the lens hood on the 56.

5. The white numbers on my HH-1 ISO dial are wearing off. I don't want to send the camera into Fuji just for that, but that should not happen. They are engraved, but the white paint is gone.

6. The little strings on my PD strap are holding up. I have not changed them since I got the XH-1 the day it was released. I have carried the XH-1 far more than any human on this planet. Therefore, why did PD switch to the threads to thicker? I did not buy them. I still have the old version that were thin and they are not worn after constant use for many months of travel.

6. I lost two lens caps -- Brick and 56.

7. I lost the little hotshoe cover. But I am smart. I brought another one. But I lost it too.

8. My XH-1 is beat to Hell. I'm glad I have the RRS L-Bracket. It saved me a couple of times. I didn't drop the camera … I just banged it hard a few times.

9. My rear LCD screen is scratched up. Oh well. I didn't follow your advice and get a screen cover.

10. I lost that little round cap under the ISO dial. What the Hell is that? A microphone thingie? Who in the Hell uses video anyway? Geeez.

Greg Johnson, San Antonio, Texas

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