Fuji instead of Sony?

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Re: Fuji instead of Sony?

Hans vdC wrote:

I use and have both (A7III + XT2) and the difference, from my own experience and not reviews or forums, is simple: the Fuji is more 'photographer' like and just is more fun and intuitive to use for me, the Sony is better in high ISO, AF and face/eye detection but often really feels like a small computer instead of a camera. Both can produce stunning images, I just "love" the Fuji, I "like" the Sony

plus the EVF on the Sony A7III  is horrid vs the Fuji

Sony is a good camera -no doubt - but is does not beat the Fuji in all areas

if you have only tried the X2 and not the X3 you would be surprised at how good it is

in fact DP forum themselves just called it "the best all around camera"

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