Picture Profiles on A7R3 ?

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Re: Picture Profiles on A7R3 ?

Chester McCheeserton wrote:

I shot some footage at dusk using PP5. It is dark footage but there is plenty of shadow detail when I play it back in camera, both looking through the evf or on the back LCD screen.

My cause for concern is when I play it back on my computer, the footage looks about 3 stops darker, all the detail in the blacks is gone. It's this way in both quicktime and premiere.

I just did a test with the camera and can see that if I switch from Picture Profile 5 to Picture Profile Off, without changing any other settings, that the exposure and shadow detail drops off the same amount so I'm fairly certain that this has something to do with using this profile.

Two questions.

1. Is the detail that I can see in the camera playback in fact there in my footage, in other words can I tweak it in premiere (or something else) and view/use it how I shot it?

2. If I go back to shoot more at dusk, (it's out on a commercial fishing boat using a zhiyun crane) it is a bad idea for me to film more footage using this PP5 profile? I'm aware that one of the S-Logs would give me the best quality but I don't have time during this 2 week period to learn the ins and outs of overexposing and using ND filters. I choose PP5 because I read that it was a lower contrast profile that would allow for some grading later, but that was much easier to work with for beginners (I am photo professional, video amateur/beginner).

Thank you very much in advance for any advice

SLOG 2 or SLOG 3 will give you the MOST DYNAMIC RANGE, which isn't necessarily the same thing as "the best quality." In fact, using SLOG 2 or 3 can often result in banding in the sky and some plasticky-looking midtones. And slog tends to be quite noisy if you don't overexpose.

But the SLOG profiles generally will retain the most details in the bright skies and improve the highlight rolloff (the transition from bright areas to areas that are so bright that they are "clipped." Sony picture profiles tend to super-saturate colors in very bright areas before they clip, while film would usually start to desaturate the really bright areas on the verge of clipping.) SLOG tends to lessen that super-saturation compared to other picture profiles.

If you are shooting at dusk then maybe there is LESS dynamic range in the scene than is required by slog???

I don't remember which gamma (and gamut) PP5 is on the a7R III. But if it is Cine4 it should be fine. I would possibly turn down the saturation a bit (maybe -5 or so).  I also like to turn down the detail a little bit as well. Then I would possibly add saturation and detail back when post processing / grading.

You can turn off the picture profiles and use the creative styles instead, too. If so, i recommend something like neutral or autumn leave. I turn down the contrast, saturation and detail to -2 each, and then add them back in post.

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