My images are capturing dark

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Re: My images are capturing dark

Well, if you are shooting with manual settings, then you could try using a longer shutter speed.

I suspect you are letting the camera's meter determine the settings. The camera doesn't know what is important to you, and is choosing a lower exposure so as not to blow out the highlights (reflections of your lights in off the chrome handles of the cookie cutters).

Now you need to make an artistic decision. If you raise your exposure by two stops, you will blow out your highlights. This may be acceptable to you.

If you want to retain some detail in the highlights, then expose as the camera is suggesting, and adjust when you open the raw file.

My suggesting is that you pick up a copy of the book Light Science & Magic: An Introduction to Photographic Lighting.

The key here is that your subject is a mirror and you are photographing what it reflects.   You may want to arrange your lights so they are not directly reflected.   You can then place white and black cards to be reflected.   This will let you control the level of your reflections, and the pattern being reflected.

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