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Chizuka wrote:

larsbc wrote:

Further to my suggestion of the Change Up, I just used it on a small boat tour through some of the islands in the Gwaii Hanaas archipelago. Sitting on the bench seat, it was quite comfortable having the pack sitting on my lap, and secured to me via the waist belt and one shoulder strap. My G85 w/100-400 and GX7 w/12-35 were immediately accessible via the open bag (both bodies facing down, side-by-side). When we landed and were walking around, I carried the G85 w/100-400 in the bag and the GX7 on a Capture Clip attached to the shoulder strap. This worked out very well. I also kept a Sony X3000 action cam attached to the waist belt via another Capture Clip.

The Change Up provided a great balance between ease of access to everything, including my filters, and a comfortable and flexible carry solution. Besides the above-mentioned lenses, I also carried an 8-18. I could also have fit another lens in there.

Hi, although this post was started a while back, I thought I would ask you the following regarding the Think Tank Change Up V2.

Could I fit in it the Panasonic G9 with the PL 100-400 (mounted) and the Panasonic G85 with the Olympus 40-150 Pro (mounted) next to it, with room somewhere for the Olympus 12-40 Pro?

I'm 95% sure that you could.  I know I could fit two G85s mounted to 100-400s in the bag with room for a 12-40 in the lens slot between them.  One of the G85's would have to be turned 180 deg so that the long side of each body would be toward the middle of the bag when the camera/lens combo is stowed lens facing down.

2nd question: besides using this bag on a safari or boat trip, have you ever hiked with that bag or walk for a couple of days with it?

I've never used it on a safari.  Just on a boat trip and 2 weeks of daily walks.  I think our longest walk was a 4-hr hike.  I didn't have any lower back pain even though I wore it on the side of my hip or perhaps mid-way between my side and my back, with only one shoulder strap (the other strap was in the mail).

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