Godox Wireless Trigger X-Pro P (Pentax)

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Re: Godox Wireless Trigger X-Pro P (Pentax)

MikeFreeze wrote:

Anyone know if this will work with the K-5, including TTL?

Yes. Folks on pentaxforums.com have tested the XPro-P and confirm that TTL/HSS work with the K3, K20D, K10D, K7, K5, K5 II, and MZ-S.

So, it's not just Godox's list of the K1, 645Z, K70, K50, KP, K-S2, and K-3II.

However, TTL will only work if you're using a TTL-capable Godox light with a built-in 2.4GHz trigger with a firmware version that groks P-TTL signals. At this time that means:

  • TT350-P
  • V860II (any flavor) with recent (Oct. 24, 2018) firmware update
  • AD200 with v2.2 firmware update
  • AD400 Pro
  • AD600 / AD600B with v2.6 firmware update
  • AD600 Pro with v1.3 firmware update

The AD600M / AD600BM with v1.9 firmware update can do HSS and remote power control, but as a non-TTL strobe, does not do TTL. The TT600 and V850II are not firmware-upgradable and don't do TTL, but do already work with HSS and M power control.

The AD360II and TT685 speedlights have not yet been issued P-TTL compatibility firmware updates. And, at this time, the AD360II does not do HSS with an XPro-P.

There is no X1R-P add-on receiver in the system (yet; maybe never), so using a non-Godox P-TTL compatible flash in TTL in the system is not possible.

Also, at this time, the TT350-P is the only flash that you can use on-camera in TTL/HSS, since the V350-P, TT685-P and V860II-P have not yet been announced (let alone released).

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