Do we still "need" fast lenses ?

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Re: Do we still "need" fast lenses ?

Sergio Subrizi wrote:

Considering we have:

sensors with incredible iso performances compared to films

in camera +- 5 stop VR

Auto gain viewfinder

I can only see a shallower depht of field when used wide open as great advantage

at the expense of weight and $$$ ( for the same level of quality)

Do I miss something ?

Who's 'we'? Can't 'we' have a range of lenses that cater to small and light, versus fast and heavy? I know that I like to have small light lenses for carrying on trips, and sometimes I like to have an f/1.4 lens for portraiture or other work.

The 58MM f/1.4G, 85 f/1.4G and 105 f/1.4G are al expensive and heavy (58 not heavy), but are admired particularly by portrait shooters. The 35mm f/1.4G had been a favourite of journalists and documentarians, even though its not particularly sharp.

So yes, 'we' still need fast lenses, and we also need some lighter f/1.8 primes and f/4 zooms. Ideally we could also use some f/2.8 mini primes. I particularly like the mix of lenses in the Nikon Z lens roadmap; you could get by with just the 14-30 and 24-70 f/4S lenses, but they are throwing in some speciality expensive lenses for those that like to have options in making images.

A speciality lens like the Sigma 14mm f/1.8 for Astro landsacpe.

14mm, f/1.8

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