The Sigma 500mm F4 DG OS HSM Sport - sample images

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Re: With TC-2001 teleconverter - sample images

Doug Greenberg wrote:

If I really were willing to take something of a financial hit for the sake of improved usability I would sell my 600mm G and a bunch of other gear and buy a 600 E, which is considerably lighter than the G. But the price of the newer 600 is mind-boggling.

Certainly is!

I have taken the 600G to Costa Rica and Ecuador for photo trips. Getting it there and back is not so bad, as I use a Think Tank International (older model) rolling bag. Some airlines, such as American, still do not limit carry-on weight, so bring the Think Tank as a carry on works fine. Like I said, when I am doing photography around the lodges or one of those feeder garden sites that are increasingly popping up in places like Ecuador, the 600 is terrific. With a 1.4x it is tack sharp. But when I had to walk over a mile up a slippery hill in the dewy predawn in Ecuador to a cock o’ the rock lek, it was a challenge. My guide volunteered to carry the lens, but one doesn’t always have a guide available.

Was that at Maquipucuna by any chance?  Did that quite a few years ago (back when I was still using film)  - slightly scary walk up and down slippery narrow forest trails in pitch dark pre-dawn - I remember it well!  The insects were also amazing!  I was merely carrying a 500 F4 P lens with a F100 and that was easily heavy enough.

As a lightweight backup system I had some excellent success using the 300 PF along with the 1.4x teleconverter. Very sharp even wide open, and very easy to handle. And the 300 by itself was ideal for the hummingbird multi-flash setups.

Doug Greenberg, Berkeley, CA

Yes that 300 PF keeps attracting my attention - I probably should get one to complement the 500 Sigma.



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