Will the future X-T4 have IBIS or not?

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Re: Will the future ... who has miniaturized IBIS?

webber15 wrote:

Saved this comment from YouTube...

I agree.


And I have to strongly disagree simply based on my own experience.  I shoot both with an X-T2 and X-H1.  I use them both more or less interchangeably as needed, most often pairing the X-T2 with lenses that are stabilized (like the 100-400) and the X-H1 with unstabilized lenses, such as the 16-55.  However, when traveling, as I am now, I usually only bring a single camera and use it with all lenses I have along.  I have never seen any noticeable difference in the detail and IQ that I get with the X-H1 and the X-T2.  I have used both cameras with the 100-400 to shot highly detailed subjects such as owls, and would without hesitation bring either camera for that task.  At times, I have forgotten to turn OIS off on the 100-400 when shooting owls on a tripod (yeah, I know... sloppy technique), but once again, even when closely pixel peeping, I’ve see absolutely no evidence of lost detail.  That goes for either camera, BTW.

So, bottom line, if there is a downside to IBIS, I haven’t encountered it as yet.  I find it to be pretty seamless and I have yet to see any evidence of an impact to IQ, regardless whether IBIS is on or off.  And, as you know, I often shoot subjects containing a lot of fine detail.  I would think that any differences here would be pretty plainly visible.  If they exist, they are below my own level of perception, and it’s worth noting that at times, I occasionally enlarge prints to 20x30” and once again, no perceivable issues with loss of detail.

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