Will the future X-T4 have IBIS or not?

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Re: Will the future ... who has miniaturized IBIS?

webber15 wrote:

Apparently (in video use at least) Fuji have the worst implemented ibis of all makes. Reviewers all seemed to say the same thing - jerky.

Seen on YouTube...if I can re-find, I'll post the link.


Possibly true for video... wouldn't know since I shoot little or none of that. However, for still photography, I'd have to see some evidence or testing that proves that point. I've consistently found the IBIS implementation on the X-H1 to be nothing short of remarkable, and if there's any jerkiness, it sure doesn't show up in the VF. Now, I'm referring to stills shooting here, not video, and I haven't read the reviews to know under which conditions this shows up.

Bottom line: I've seen absolutely no disadvantage to the stabilization that IBIS offers as compared to what's commonly found in good quality lenses with OIS support. The obvious advantage is that it stabilizes ALL lenses.

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