The Sigma 500mm F4 DG OS HSM Sport - sample images

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With TC-1401 teleconverter - sample images

So with the TC-1401 this lens becomes a 700mm F5.6, still with full AF and still with fully functional OS system.

As I am using a D500 the AF performance drops slightly because the camera can now only use 45 of it's cross-type AF sensors (instead of the full set) although it also continues to support this with the rest of the sensors working as line-type AF sensors.  Similar would apply if using either the D850 or the D5.   The lens still managed to auto-focus quickly with the TC0-1401 converter attached although is no longer as snappy as the bare lens.  So it is still perfectly fine for most types of shots including tracking birds in flight but no longer quite quick enough to keep up with the fastest and most erratic moving subjects such as some species of Swallows, House Martins etc (which can shift incredibly quickly).

I tend to use the lens a lot with this converter attached, especially for small birds - it is still extremely sharp even at full aperture and very usable and I find it still hand-holdable.

Here are some examples, all processed in DXO Photolab from the original NEF files with minimal noise reduction (using Prime) and no sharpening except that provided by the DXO "Lens Sharpness" tool.   As DXO still doesn't have a profile for this lens I had to select the nearest equivalent which I picked as the Nikon 500 FL E lens.  Hopefully DXO will release a correct profile for this lens in future.

Fulmar Petrel

Fulmar Petrel coming in to land.

The above shots were both hand-held.

A Coal Tit (from about 8 metres range)

A Northern Brown Hare (from about 35 metres)

I used a monopod for the above shot. Quite poorly lit conditions, hence the very high ISO even though at full aperture.

A solitary Dunlin - downsized version of this shot

and here is a 100% crop from the full-size version of that shot:

Dunlin (moulting to winter plumage) - a tight crop from the full-size image

OK - next I'll follow-up with samples taken using the TC-2001 converter attached - a 1000mm F8 combo!


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