DA* 50-135 Still Magic

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Joseph Tainter Forum Pro • Posts: 10,751
Re: DA* 50-135 Still Magic

Mike Arledge wrote:

Joseph Tainter wrote:

Optically it is a marvel. Good that you haven't had trouble with it.

After several years of not using it, or my 16-50, I realized it made sense to sell them. Both had failed on me, and I had two copies of the 16-50 with optical decentering. The money went for a lens that I will use more.


I still debate trading both my 16-50 and the 50-135 for the 24-70... over SDM concerns

Mike, "SDM" in the DFA 24-70 is a Tamron design, not Pentax's SDM. I haven't heard of any failures, and mine hasn't failed.

I thought it was incredibly stupid of Pentax to keep using the designation SDM on designs that are different from the original SDM. Your post illustrates why. I wonder how many sales Pentax has missed because of this stupidity. Never underestimate Pentax's ability to shoot themselves in the foot.


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