Will the future X-T4 have IBIS or not?

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Re: Will the future X-T4 have IBIS or not?

tokumeino wrote:

John Motts wrote:

solamnus wrote:

MrSee wrote:

Who cares. IBIS is not the be all end all!

Its like when the remote control was invented, everyone could switch the tv on before that, then after if they could not find it suddenly switching the tv on was very tough! 😂

now no one can use cameras if its not included🙈

You can apply that logic to just about every advance in camera technology throughout the history of photography.

Agree. It's like AF, or the ability to quickly change ISO, or the ability to instant review pictures on a screen, of the pentaprisms/EVF to view through the lens, or auto-exposure, or...

It' a pitty that DPR didn't exist when AF has been invented. I'm sure that so many people argued : I (me, myself) can very well focus by myself, so please don't provide AF to anybody, even if I could disable it !

Hehe yes sure. But i do think its also a little different now a days. Because technology advance so much faster in general around us, that We are so much worse when it comes to patience about how We expect things to be and are almost dependent on these crutches around us to live our daily life.

So when something does not exist at this stage and also expect it, not only do We get angry and surprised when it does not instead of trying to accept it and work around it, We are also worse when it comes to find those other solutions or trying to get better by training to lessen those shortcomings from Said technology.

also( this Im not sure of but i assume)

did camera bodies came out with a new model this freequently?

It seems to me also that going from no Af to getting it is a pretty major advancement while i feel IBIS is not that big of a deal, at least not for me.

But yes Otherwise We are of course human and i also think We had those same diskussions about similar things, But i just think We were also a little bit more patient and We become lazier and have less patience as time goes by😅

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