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Data discovery: R/G PDAF rows show ADU anomaly in banded images

I've found something unique in the ADU data for banded images vs non-banded.

A week ago I posted about an ADU anomaly (link), where the G2/B PDAF rows have odd-only ADU values, but where all R/G rows were normal with both odd/even values.

In analyzing the banding vs non-banding photo pair in this sub-thread, I just discovered the R/G PDAF rows also exhibit the odd-only ADU values but only in the banded image. The non-banded image has the expected odd/even values for R/G.

I'm pressed for time today so can't present the information in the most informative way. For now here's a spreadsheet of the lower histogram data of all channels, for both the banded and non-banded image:

ADU lower Histogram Data for Banding vs non-Banding image

Look at the yellow sections - they demonstrate the odd-only ADU value anomaly for the banded image of the R/G channels, vs the normal odd/even values of the R/G channels for the non-banded image (rows below).

Here's a chart I did of just the R channel that depicts this data:

Chart of Red channel between Banding vs non-Banding image

The lighter-red triangle is the Red channel PDAF rows of the banded image. The lighter-red rectangle represent the Red channel PDAF rows of the non-banded image. Notice the gaps in the triangles - those are the missing even values.

I have a friend coming to town today and will be tied up for the next week. I was rushed to get this presented so haven't had time to fully verify this finding - I'll do so when I have spots of time over the next week. In the meantime, Bill/Jim, if you could verify this on your end I'd appreciate it. I'll dropbox you both the pair of raws.

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