OOC Jpeg vs Out of DPP Jpeg

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OOC Jpeg vs Out of DPP Jpeg

Hi all,

I noticed with my 6dii ..

a typical highest resolution out of camera JPEG is some 10-11 MB.

a raw file would be 30-35MB.

If i process that raw file with DPP ( the Canon software ) without making any changes to any of the settings - just using the in camera used settings ( picture style, WB, etc ) .. and convert to JPEG i get a 15-18MB file .. and the resolution / level of detail seems to be a bit better vs the out of camera JPEG.

I would have expected these 2 JPEG to be of similar size and detail.

Does anyone else have this experience ? And is the ‘quality’ different? Or just more MB to cover the same info?

as i do not want to spend too much time editing pics .. i think this will be my standard processing flow :

1) shoot raw and try to have as much of the setting done as best as possible in the camera.

2) upload to DPP, where also these incamera settings are uploaded.

3) convert to JPEG .. and perhaps do some more work on pics that need some shadow lifting, etc.

4) delete raws and enjoy JPEG’s.

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