What do you rate most important in your camera

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Re: What do you rate most important in your camera

LeanderOne wrote:

John Beavin wrote:

A beginner would most likely say the auto mode, what about the AE button, or perhaps exposure compensation for me I would opt for the histogram. I am asking this simply because I see so many underexposed images as well as shots where the subject takes up only a minor portion of the frame, all modern cameras are capable of perfect pictures, (not saying poster size) so what has gone wrong? is it because cameras are now too complicated or as in my case they are so small that you can hit three buttons at once.your thoughts. Oh, I forgot to mention, I vote the histogram as a top priority.

An interesting question - it made me think.

Since you mention 'modern cameras', for me the biggest and most useful 'advance' (other than digital imaging itself) is Optical Image Stabilisation.

I'll agree with that, and a high quality EVF. I don't have any use for a histogram cluttering up the viewfinder, I just adjust exposure by eye if needed (and it rarely is).

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