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Nikon Z 24-70 f/4 Landscape test

Here is an full landscape/infinity test of lens at all major focal lengths and apertures f/4 through f/8.

Camera Settings

  • Raw (Lossless Compressed), Tripod, 5-secod timer release, Electronic Shutter, IBIS off, ISO 100, 1/800 (f/4) to 1/200 (f/8)
  • Center AF-S, 3 shots each focal/aperture (best of three selected, although I found no variation in all shots so always selected 3rd shot)

LR 7.5 Processing

  • Sharpening 40/0.7/35
  • Adobe Color Profile
  • -100 Highlights
  • Built-in lens correction profile applied
  • LR's "Remove Chromatic Aberration" unchecked


  • On balance, exceptional infinity performance for a midrange zoom
  • My copy is well-centered, at least as measured at the extreme edges (didn't look at corners)
  • 24mm: Reasonably sharp across the frame staring at f/5.6, last 1/3 frame to edges a little soft through f/8 (weakest focal length)
  • 35mm: Very sharp across the frame starting at f/4 (35-50mm focal length)
  • 50mm: Very sharp across the frame starting at f/5.6
  • 70mm: Verh sharp across the frame starting at f/8

Here is a composite image containing 100% crops of the center, mid-frame, and extreme left edge. You'll want to click "original size" to view properly:

Nikon Z 24-70 f/4 landscape test (on Z7), 100% crops for each focal length and aperture. Click "original size" to view

And here are full-sized JPGs for all images:

24mm: f/4 f/5.6 f/8

35mm: f/4 f/5.6 f/8

50mm: f/4 f/5.6 f/8

70mm: f/4 f/5.6 f/8

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