Do we still "need" fast lenses ?

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Re: Do we still "need" fast lenses ?

jfriend00 wrote:

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Erik Kaffehr wrote:

Landscape photographers often carry equipment longer distances, so they may be served better with lighter lenses.

After running up and down a sideline with a borrowed 300 f2.8 and a 70-200 f2.8 I don't think that action photographers would mind lighter lenses either...

Once or twice is fun. After that I'd just as soon use a crop camera and shorter lenses...

Perhaps until you're then doing it at a night game where the additional light that larger sensor collects makes a material difference in your IQ.

If I was shooting the game for the team I would use the best gear I could, yes.

My point was simply that sports photographers use the lightest lenses they can get away with too and would appreciate lighter gear.

They just aren't going to be very light when you need to do it right because physics.

Or when you start to miss that nice subject isolation you got with the 300 f2.8 on the FF. Crop cameras aren't without their compromises too. But, you're free to choose which compromises you'd rather live with.

Since I'm just doing this for fun there are multiple compromises involved.

For one thing I don't own a D5/D850/D500 or a 300 f2.8. I'll live with more noise and less subject isolation when shooting with the V2 vs a D5/D850/D500.

I spent my money on video gear instead (recorder, ssds, audio gear, cage, etc).  None of which is particularly light at the end of the day either.

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