Z7 color accuracy with ACR/Lr and Adobe profiles

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Z7 color accuracy with ACR/Lr and Adobe profiles

I posted some images a couple of weeks ago from the Z7 and the GFX. Although color was incidental to the comparisons I was making, there were comments on the color differences. In addition, I've seen posts here and on other fora about "Nikon color" vs "Canon color" vs "Sony color" vs "Fuji color" claiming that one was far more accurate than another, although there was no unanimity at all about which one was most accurate.

Recognizing that accurate color is usually not the holy grail of photographers, and that they really want pleasing (to them, of course) color, and knowing that the color profile affects the color of developed raw files greatly, I set out to investigate color accuracy with three cameras -- the Z7, a7RIII, and GFX -- and several profiles shipped with Adobe Camera Raw. I chose those cameras because they are all high-resolution MILCs, and I chose ACR and Lightroom because they are the dominant raw developers. I used the latest versions, including Process Version 5 (PV5).

Some conclusions:

Daylight white balance produces poorer accuracy that balancing to the gray patch for all cameras, but especially so for the Z7. The plan is probably to use custom white balance with that camera most of the time.

When WB’d to the gray patch and using Adobe Standard Profile and Adobe Color Profile, the a7RIII is most accurate, with the Z7 right on its tail. The GFX trails.

Adobe Standard is more accurate than Adobe Color.

With the Z7, Camera Standard is definitely less accurate than either Adobe Color and Adobe Standard. It is more saturated that reality.

When comparing the scene-specific Adobe profiles, Adobe Vivid and Adobe Landscape are neck-and-neck for the least accurate. This is a surprise to me, but it’s true; I have verified it several times. Adobe Vivid is unabashedly inaccurate, but I would have thought that accuracy had value in landscapes.

Adobe Portrait is pretty accurate, and almost as accurate as Adobe Standard.

The a7RIII is slightly — very slightly — more accurate than the Z7 with the scene-specific profiles.

Both Adobe Landscape and Adobe Vivid increase saturation a lot.

The Adobe Neutral profile is about as accurate as Adobe Standard, but the errors are interesting. They are mostly in the direction of desaturating the patch colors. The hue angles, especially with the Z7 and GFX, are very accurate. With respect to hue, it is the most accurate of the three for all the cameras. It is also the least saturated.

Lots of details (full disclosure: as well as graphs and tables) here:





I will be continuing this work, and will consider studies that any of you want performed, but let's keep it to ACR/Lr and standard profiles for now. And let's stay with direct sunlight as the light source.

I will also answer questions here.


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