I asked Nikon about the Z6 AF...

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Re: I asked Nikon about the Z6 AF...

jfriend00 wrote:

There's way more going on that just the frequency of checking the AF pixels. There are lots of relevant differences that could lead to a performance difference between the Z6 and Z7:

  1. Z6 has fewer AF pixels to read
  2. Z6 AF pixels are larger (potentially better signal-to-noise ratio per AF pixel in lower light)
  3. Z6 image tracking has fewer pixels to process to examine image and discern subject
  4. Computing power in the Z6 vs. Z7

If the Z6 was given the same processing power as the Z7, then the Z6 has less work to do or potentially could do more processing of the data in the same time.

Or put another way, the Expeed 6 chip might be able to do more with the lower pixel count of the Z6 (if Nikon attempted to do that).

There's so much going on here that there's no way to guess how it will compare with the Z7 until we get actual field reports and test data that compares the two.

Similar to the way the D850 and the D500 perform? I think the auto focus speed and accuracy is just a little snappier than the D850 with the grip.

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