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Experiments (focal length, focus, flags)

I've done more experiments than I can count but thought I'd share a few of them. Keep in mind that the manifestation of the banding is very dependent on lighting intensity/exposure, ambient exposure, size of light source, etc... These experiments were done to help characterize that.

Focal Length

The focal length I've been using is 42mm. If I change the focal length by just a few mm then the banding disappears. Here are some animated GIFs to demonstrate:

42mm (banding) vs 38mm (no banding), full scene. Click "original size" to animate

100% crop of above images showing the banding vs non-banding. Click "original size" to animate


Slight focus changes affect the manifestation of banding. This is likely due to increases/decreases in light intensity related to focus (ie, the intensity of light increases as you move from OOF to focus, due to the increased number of converging rays) and the shape of the light around the boundary of my Dracast LED panel.

Infinity (banding) vs slight turn from Infinity (no banding) vs MFD (banding again). Click "original size" to animate

Lighting Flags

Here are crude lighting flags I used on this particular light source, none of which affected the banding. Note that these same flags have affected banding in my natural light window setup, mostly because those impacted ambient light levels.

Lighting flags affect on banding (none for this scene). Click "original size" to animate

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