Godox Wireless Trigger X-Pro P (Pentax)

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Re: Godox Wireless Trigger X-Pro P (Pentax)

Adam007 wrote:

No, my question is, if one wants TTL in trigger-fired strobes, why does that capability have to be built into the strobes as well as the trigger?

Think of it as a language or translation issue.

The XPRO-P can tell the strobes what to do but they need to understand.  Without the firmware update the XPRO-P can tell the strobe what to do but it presently doesn't understand and hence won't do anything with sent instructions.

After the firmware update, the strobes receives the instructions and understands what to do.

Before the firmware update the XPRO-P can send the instructions but the strobe does NOT know what to do with them.

Remember the strobe (for example AD200) presently can do ttl for Canon, Nikon, etc because it can receive the instructions from an XPRO-C or XPRO-N trigger, and understand what to do with the instructions.

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