Impending EOS Price Drop?

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Re: Impending EOS Price Drop?

Theodosius wrote:

rhett_rick wrote:

The Fat Fish wrote:

It's the most expensive and least competitive camera released this year

With some of the strongest lens offerings in the full-frame mirrorless space. I've been waiting on the sidelines before purchasing a mirrorless camera that had lenses that really blew me away. Money was no object for this purchase. I was thinking of buying a Leica a few years ago. The Nikon Z lens lineup is weak, so that took it out of the picture for me. The Sony lineup is impressive, but they don't have any super impressive fast zooms like Canon has in the 28-70, and none of the Sony primes were really attention grabbing enough for me. The specs on the EOS R are good enough, the sensor is excellent, and the lenses are jaw-droppingly good. Perfect combo for me. Sure, this is different from your perspective, but I can tell you that I've been watching/waiting closely for a system like this and Canon got me to part with some serious $$ with this body and lens lineup.

Not trying to troll here, but you do realize that the Z series can adapt the F-lenses at pretty much full functionality, right?

Go to the DPR home page and scroll down to where they talk about improvements that Nikon needs to make.

The Z cameras seem to have AF issues that I would rather not have to deal with.

Besides did you read his post at all? He said that none of the Sony lenses really convinced him. What does Nikon have that would appeal to him differently? Nikon was limited by the mount diameter.

rhett_rik obviously want to get his hands on exotic lenses and such.

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